Capacity Building

A high level of competence is always the result of systematic training and at Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini we endeavor to do just that.
A variety of training programs to cater to the needs of the voluntary sector and elected representatives of people is the hallmark of our mission.
Our experts constantly assess the training needs of the respective sector and come out with tailor-made training packages.
We have been pioneering in providing innovative training programmes for all sectors.

Various Capacity Building Training Programmes Conducted At RMP

  • Training Programme for the Village Panchayat Members.
  • Orientation Programme for Directors of Co-operative Banks.
  • Training Programme for College Administrators.
  • Training Programme for Student Leaders.
  • Training in Communication Skills and Public Speaking.
  • Orientation to the Personal Secretaries of Ministers
  • Training Programme for Woman Activists.
  • Training Programme for University Senate Members.
  • Training for Administrators in non-profit organisations and Voluntary sector
  • Training for Woman Directors of Co-operative bank.
  • Understanding Maharashtra – A workshop for new/young journalists on the eve of golden jubilee of formation of Maharashtra state.
  • Certificate Course in Social Leadership.
  • Workshop on Project Proposal Writing for Voluntary organisations and social workers.
  • Understanding India’s Security Strategy with special reference to Jammu and Kashmir and North-East India.
  • Certificate Course in Socio-Political Leadership.